Drawing with you heart, not with your head

When I work on creativity with management company teams, I quite often invite them to draw. Usually, most of them give excuses: the commonest is “I can’t draw”. It may be true that most of us have no remarkable abilities in drawing. If we are asked to sketch a cow, we may draw something similar not only to a cow but also to a dog or a horse. This fear of drawing grips us and prevents us from improving. Result: hardly ever do we draw, especially in front of others.
But you should draw with your heart rather than with your head. If we let our feelings flow, we will get better results than if we expect to do it well. Javier Mariscal’s rag dolls or Toni Batllori’s comic strips published in La Vanguardia are two good examples, among others, which show us that to succeed in drawing or comics it is neither necessary to “copy” reality nor want to be very perfect. Mariscal creates his own “garriris” world, a universe born out of his flaws and overwhelming imagination. Batllori masterfully parodies his characters but he does not “draw” them in the literal sense of the word. He creates his comic strips upon seeing reality from his own special perspective.
It is true that we are neither Mariscal nor Batllori. We should give a little more free rein to the potential ability which all of us have to express ourselves. Most adults have dismissed this possibility. Company Managers have a splendid five hundred euro fountain pen on their office desks, but they seldom work with felt-tip pens, pencils or coloured paints. They neither dare to draw to solve their company’s problems nor to draw mental maps full of coloured sings and arrows. Why?
Many people think that drawing or painting belongs to the children’s or the artists’ world. But all of us need to express something, either a little or a lot. And learning to draw with our heart may be one way of displaying our creativity.
There is a great exercise: asking company’s Managers to draw the animal which best represents the company’s organization. Elephants, cows and hippos are the commonest. However, when they are asked to draw an animal which represents the company´s ideal state, eagles, dolphins and felines are usually chosen… It is an excellent exercise to become aware of our weaknesses and to project ourselves into the future hopefully and longing for change.
Learning to draw with our hearts means not being alert for doing things right or wrong, but venting our feelings through drawings and colours. If we do it with a smile and determined to improve, we will open a path of change in our inner self.


3 Comments on “Drawing with you heart, not with your head

  • Fernando Abadía
    Wednesday April 23rd, 2014 at 09:28 AM

    Toda la razón Franc. Yo soy aficionado a realizar ésto que nos comentas. Como decía aquél… si no soy capaz de dibujarlo… no soy capaz de entenderlo. Pero a veces cuando estoy delante de algún compañero, jefe u “otre”…me da un no se qué, que vean mi cuaderno. No sé si lo entenderían.

    Te dejo un enlace por si quieres saber más.

    Un cordial saludo

    • Franc Ponti
      Saturday April 26th, 2014 at 10:17 AM

      Hola Fernando, no me atrevo a comentar demasiadas cosas sobre el dibujo y la creatividad viendo tus creaciones… ¡Chapeau! ¿Y dices que todavía te da miedo enseñarlas? No me lo creo…
      Felicidades y un abrazo,

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