Tanto creces, tanto vales (As much as you grow, as much as you are worth)

Barcelona. Granica 2001

“As much as you grow, as much as you are worth” by Xavier Guix:

What is the point in talking about being in the era of having? Is “developing as individuals” any good? Ten professionals in directing people take the bull by the horns and have no qualm about facing this delicate topic. It is about an attractive collection of complementary points of view about the development of human capital, one of the most valued topics in the new knowledge society. Meditation, change, quality of life, personal safety, flexibility, influence, orientation to utopia, leadership or limiting beliefs are some of the issues developed. What is more this book incorporates a valuable chapter devoted to self assessment, through which the reader will be able to value their current situation, by means of an interesting questionnaire, and plan for the future regarding their will to develop,


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