What is Buddha doing in my company?

Granica, Barcelona, 2003

In the summer of 2002 in Cruïlles, a town in the region of Empodrá, Catalonia, Oriol Pujol and Franc Ponti became immersed in a long conversation that would originate, some months later “What is Buddha doing in my company?, an entertaining and fascinating book about the relation between Buddhism and business organization.

Oriol Pujol has been living and working in India and Spain for over 40 years. He has created his own system for the development of directive skills, combining Eastern methods like Vipassanā meditation with other occidental methods like the Gestalt or NLP.

The reader will not be indifferent to some of the ideas that Oriol Pujol suggests, such as “That which you resist persists and that which you accept transforms itself”, “Life is a mystery that is worth living, not a problem to be solved” or “Everything with hope, nothing out of obligation”. At times the conversation becomes exciting, dealing with topics such as intelligence, emotions, meditation, stress… “What is Buddha doing in my company?” is an efficient book that will guide people who understand that Buddhism can provide many reflection elements to the busy western life.


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