The creative company

Barcelona. Granica 2001.

This is, undoubtedly, one of the most influential texts on creativity applied to a company of the last years. It includes practical and detailed explanations of different methodologies for the generation of ideas and especially of “IDEART”, an original and interesting technique for creativity which consists on the use of artistic images as creative stimulus. Moreover, the book analyses the keys towards becoming innovative companies, suggesting a management model of innovation which has been taken by many Spanish publications like Nueva Empresa (New Company) or Emprendedores (entrepreneurs).

“The creative company” is an exciting book about creative thought which entertains, and clearly explains what creativity in organizations is for. Its reading is an invitation for adventure, wild thought, and constant challenging of our barriers, mental blocks and obstacles. It is an invitation for exciting and motivating work and constant discovery.

“The creative company” counts with an interesting prologue by Michael Michalko, one of the most world-wide renowned experts on creativity and author of the applauded books “Thinkertoys” and “Cracking Creativity”.

Granica Publications has released to the market five different editions of this book so far.


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