Expand the pie

Three cases on the dynamics of negotiations

Granica. Barcelona, 2004

A human resource director who cannot stand his own boss; a heated negotiation between a publisher and a university whose directors hold an old grudge, and a meeting between city councils, trade unions, companies and environmentalists. These three situations of conflict are thoroughly analysed by three experts who meticulously study the most appropriate negotiation strategies, behaviour, tactics and techniques for each case. “Expand the pie” is a useful book about practical situations in negotiation which will help experts, managers and anybody who is interested in the topic to deepen their knowledge of the secrets of negotiation. What is more, the book includes a DVD with images and scenes of all three cases, profusely commented on in the text. “Expand the pie” is an innovative work about the art of negotiation in order to arrive at a satisfactory compromise for all parties. It provides the possibility of deepening aspects such as assertiveness, the management of conflict, PNL (NLP- Neuro-linguistic Programming), interests-position dynamics, preparation, etc.

“Expand the pie” is the first work with the collaboration of other authors. Franc Ponti works in this book with his EADA (Business School Barcelona) partners Emma de Llanos and Jordi Costa and jointly sign one of the most influential texts in the pedagogy of negotiation of the last years.


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