Everyone talks about innovation, but few know how to turn it into a reality that will transform organizations and generate social and economic benefits. To innovate is to listen to people and the market, harness the technological resources available, and generate ideas with added value.

Franc Ponti is one of the leading thinkers on creativity and innovation in Spain and Latin America. For over 20 years, he has worked on consultancy and training projects to bring innovation to many leading companies, among them MAKRO, HENKEL, TV3, TVE, ALMIRALL, FERRER, DANONE, UNIVERSITAT POMPEU FABRA, MANGO, INDITEX, DESIGUAL, T-SYSTEMS, ABERTIS, and GAS NATURAL.

The model of creativity and innovation that Franc Ponti has adopted, which forms the basis of his conferences, consists of five modules:

  • The creative brain: neuroscience applied to creativity. Self-diagnosis and the action plan.
  • The 10 competencies of creative people: scientific contributions to creative behaviour that allow us to internalize the fundamental values of creativity and innovation.
  • Creative teams and design thinking: the secrets of creative teamwork and practical innovation methods to obtain results.
  • How to construct a culture of innovation: the seven keys to laying a foundation of a culture of innovation. Zen, Po, Open, Flow, Emo, Happy, and Team.
  • Innovation: from ideas to results: the key aspects of systematizing and consolidating innovation in organizations. Path, Team, Change, Trend, Creativity, Project, and Result.

Franc loves to do things differently every day. He strives to reinvent himself again and again in his approach to teaching, presenting, working, analysing things, and seeing the world. He feels that life ought to be a constant and enriching conversation.

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