The Colour Blue

I am spending a few days’ holiday in Eivissa, surrounded by the colour blue everywhere: the sea, the sky… I cannot help thinking about the comments Jonah Lehrer makes on this colour; he is a neuroscientist who has recently published a fascinating book on creativity (Imaginar. Cómo funciona la creatividad. RBA)(Imagine. How Creativity Works. RBA). According to some research studies, the colour blue and the shades of blue increase our creative ability because they remind us of oceans and the firmament and, therefore, of boundless spaces where everything is possible.

Working on blue environments may double our creativity, incredible though it may sound at the beginning. Once again, we are witnessing the collapse of the old model whereby there are many people who are creative and many others who are not. It has been studied that exposure to blue chromatic emissions may turn us into dreamer individuals, more sensitive to our inner part. Consider the following good experience for your next holidays: if you are spending a few days in a place plentifully coloured in blue, dive yourself into it ad nauseam. Think of blue, dream about blue, speak blue. If you have an urgent creative problem, you should take advantage of the opportunity blue holidays give you. The colour blue increases our brain alpha waves.

Now, I am also reading “I wish I worked there”, a wonderful illustrated book about the architecture and interior design of companies such as Bloomberg, Nike, Pixar, Google or Lego. At this point, it seems unbelievable that there are still companies which subdue their employees to the tyranny of grey, monotonous and impersonal environments. The British expert Kursty Groves shows how the construction of environments which encourage cooperation, relaxation, teamwork or creativity are real gifts not only for these companies’ collaborators, but for the company itself. (see video at the end).

Who likes working in a boring environment? Although the company we work in may not have the aforementioned resources, I have no doubt that with a little creativity such conditions could improve. Does your company have spaces to think? Collaboration environments? Friendly and amazing design? Most Spanish companies continue as usual: bosses protected in their offices and collaborators allocated in rigid, impersonal and boring environments. These are companies that, on the excuse of productivity (the company premises’ philosophy seems to be inspired by the far-off Taylorism), end up creating unhealthy and internal competitive environments, which are not essential for the work itself at all. Are we going to change one day or are we going to continue with the excuse that such environments are only created by big North American companies?


62 Comments on “The Colour Blue

  • Imma Marín
    Thursday August 2nd, 2012 at 06:54 PM

    A veces siento verdadera sed de azul. Ahora ya sé porque… La sed me resulta ahora todavía más sugerente. GRACIAS!

  • Franc Ponti
    Wednesday August 8th, 2012 at 10:15 AM

    Me llega la noticia a través de Twitter de que el libro de Jonah Lehrer ha recibido algunas críticas y que incluso se ha retirado el e-book del mercado. Ignoro la profundidad de las críticas recibidas pero parece que hay problemas de autoplagio y de citas incorrectas. Espero que en ningún caso afecten a la credibilidad general del libro.

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