Franc Ponti

To begin with, I have a passion for creativity and innovation. I believe they are powerful tools for people and companies to break their barriers and give their best. I am currently directing the Innovation Centre at EADA (Business School Barcelona) where I am a full-time teacher and fervent admirer. EADA is one of the four largest business schools in Spain which possess the highest proficiency qualifications (Equis, Amba, etc) and which systematically appear in prestigious rankings such as Financial Times or The Economist. In fact Financial Times regularly places EADA among the five most important business schools in the world in terms of directive and organizational skills.

Academically, I am a Bachelor of Arts and have a PhD in Information Society granted by UOC (Open University of Catalonia). I also have a degree in organizational psychology granted by EADA (Barcelona Business School). I have also studied business administration at EADA. I have attended seminars on negotiation and conflict at the University of Harvard.

Up to now I have published nine books, four of which are connected to creativity and innovation: “The creative company” (2001), “Passion for innovation” with Xavier Ferrás (2006), “Innovation” (2009) and “If it works, change it!” with Josep M Ferrer Arpí. I constantly write for specialized magazines and newspapers, you can currently read my work every month in the economy supplement in AVUI and El Punt. I am a lecturer for the prestigious firm Thinking Heads and every summer I collaborate with HSM taking part in Expomanagement.

I have worked with several companies in consultancy projects dealing with creativity and innovation: TV3 and CCMA (Catalan Corporation of Media), Almirall, UOC (Open University of Catalonia), Panrico, BSH electrical appliances, Institut Català de la Salut (Health Institute of Catalonia), Esteve, Televisión Española, Sigo (Venezuela), Congresis (Venezuela), Gas Natural (Dominican Rpublic), Carvajal (Colombia)… Through EADA I have imparted formation on creativity in several companies: Mango, Inditex, Henkel, Abertis, L’Aliança, Electricité de France… I am currently a member of BANESTO (Spanish credit bank)’s Experts in Innovation Net.

I love doing things in a different way everyday. I endeavour to reinvent myself quite often in the way I teach, work, analyse things and see the world. I do yoga and meditation, I am keen on Buddhism, I love travelling and cats. I like many things and try not to hate anything. I try to hear more and better everyday. I wish the world was a constant and enriching conversation.

I devote my life to elaborating models which inspire people and organizations to be more creative and innovative. I travel around the world lecturing in conferences, workshops and seminars. I try to inspire, build up people’s hopes and I try to make the values of creativity and innovation become a reality.

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